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Welcome to Winter Publishing, official home of Lauren Hemphill’s writings and other small projects. Fiction is the primary focus here, but you will occasionally see nonfiction, poetry, and even some photography. All writing pieces are subject to change, but you may end up seeing them influence my novels and short stories.

So please, grab some tea, and stay a while.

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I’m not going anywhere. Do you want to? No. No, I can’t. She’s my best friend. But it’s been three weeks. We’re getting married. It’s been four weeks. She’s going to talk to me. She has to. It’s been five weeks. She promised. We’re going to make things work. We’ll…

How to Choose A Childhood Crush

How to choose a crush: He should be the tallest boy around—or at least taller than you. He should probably be the fastest runner in the playground. Speed is important. He shouldn’t know you exist. This way, you cling to any attention he gives you. He should have cute(?) face….

Motherhood and Cats

A rather rough little piece about something that’s been bothering me.   Motherhood and Cats.   It was late afternoon when I heard the cries of kittens from their home beneath the overhang. I was draped with exhaustion from my day at work, but still, I turned my steps their…


TW: Suicide mention, violence, gore, wrist cutting                 It was nighttime when we made plans to return to Portland, the place that almost killed me. The dark hung around me and pressed down on my spine, attempting to drag me back to that place where it all truly…

An Unkindness

As Mother and I walked out of the zoo and through the parking lot, I glanced down a row to see an unkindness of ravens perched atop a white car. The harsh Oregon sun glistened on their ebony feathers as the dozen ruffled their feathers and snickered amongst themselves. Their…


The coyotes come out earlier each night. Sometimes I swear they’re just outside my window, calling out for me to join them. They yip and howl, beckoning me closer to the edge of reckless abandon. And as I close my eyes, I find peace in their loud requests for company….

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