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Throughout my stories a mix of characters will be shown. Note: Only basic, starting characters will appear in this list.

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Jade Cavvar: (Cuh-v-are) Main Character of Never; angry, violent, quick temper; Exuro.

Aris Sell: (air-is(soft ‘s’)) Quick temper, intelligent, firecracker; Exuro.

Harvest: The Sowing: (working title)

Katara: (Kuh-Tar-uh) The “main character” of the book of Harvest. She’s got too many secrets, not a lot of time, and is the blind girl who needs help simply getting to class.

Silver: (“silver” as in the type of metal, and “vain” as in arrogant) A doctor who’s past is shrouded within mystery. He is a large part of Katara’s life.

Samuel: (Sam-you-ell (ell as in the end part of “hell” or “tell”) He’s a young man with blonde hair and the ability to control fire. He’s known Katara for quite a long time.

Alex: A young healer within the school. She’s known Katara for a while.

Jeremy: A new student at Winterwood Academy with a past full of secrets.

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(This is a role play between my friend Henchman and I. You might see them around on the website, because I will write random things for them in long, word document format.)

Claudia: once the pet and slave of a fiery queen, Claudia has since escaped the queen’s grasp and fled into the forest with her savior, Soryn. Claudia is a young woman, with tan skin and long black hair. She holds the ability to shift into a panther, for reasons unknown to her.

Soryn: a handsome young black wolf, currently the alpha of his pack. He holds the ability (along with the rest of his pack) to be able to transform into a human, to better survive the human’s distrust of magical beings. (These wolves being ‘magical’ because of their intelligence and ability to consume dragon flesh.)


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