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Current project: Viridis

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Current word count: 97,940

Current page count: 520

Current project description:

After years of fighting a war she doesn’t believe in, Jade Cavvar is being awarded for her efforts. But when an assassin makes an attempt on her life, Jade is forced down a path she never dreamed she’d walk. Stolen away from her home, she is brought to the land of her enemy, where she must discover her reason for living and scramble to find a way to stop the war before it ends in the death of millions.

And while she battles for freedom, her best friend, Aris Sell, must grapple with Jade’s disappearance. Her paranoia forces her to scrutinize those she’s battled alongside for years, and when she unveils a secret hidden from the masses, she triggers irreversible events that threaten everyone in the Known Galaxy.

Main Characters:

Jade Cavvar, a reckless and bull-headed red headed soldier. She fights on the side of the Opes, a more or less branch of the military under the Exuro Empire. She excels in creating armor and small mechanical devices, but can’t seem to master how to make weapons without them quite literally blowing up in her face. Her strong will helps her survive in dire circumstances. Her best friend and roommate is Aris Sell.

Aris Sell, the intelligent, tactical mind that helps guide Jade through the battlefield without getting herself killed. What she lacks in fighting prowess, Jade makes up for, creating a perfect balance of brains and brawns between the two of them. She doesn’t often talk about her past, and rarely mentions her family with high regard. She fights on the side of the Opes, under the lead of the Exuro Empire.


Want more? Check out some writings I did with these dweebs! These include AUs (yeah, I write AUs for my own characters, shh, it’s chill), playing around with characters and scenarios, deleted chapters/scenes, and perhaps even canonical sequences from the book itself! Make sure to tell me what you think!


Cavvar-kid, a writing exercise where only dialogue is allowed to be used.

Consumption, a writing exercise set in the same universe as Viridis.

A Noble Sacrifice (part 1) and Midnight (part 2), both of which are a silly, quick fanfic I did of my character Jade with my friend’s character, Riley.

Vulnerable, an old bit of writing that’s been cut from the book.

Good Enough, another bit of old writing that’s been cut and the ideas introduced here have been tweaked and changed.

Happy Anniversery, a quick fanfic I did for a friend, featuring her character Scarr, and Jade (if she was an anthropomorphic wolf).

Raiders (part 1), more fanfic of Jade and Riley. This time, they tackle a zombie apocalypse.